Pulling Scenarios & Techniques

Pulling scenarios and techniques for Uprooter are presented in various videos demonstrating its use and capability. With differing target plants, terrain, and soil conditions, it is important to understand the various situations you may be up against. View these videos on assorted pulling scenarios to improve your expertise. For more videos, visit Uprooter on YouTube.

Scenario #1: Previously Cut Trunk

In the process of removal, many people may cut brush or trees to quickly remove foliage leaving a small stump behind. This video demonstrates how easily Uprooter can remove the root of a previously cut trunk.

Technique to remove a previously cut trunk

Scenario #2: Steep Slope

We all know how much terrain varies. If you find yourself working on a steep slope, you may like Uprooter Mini as your desired tool because work in this scenario happens much closer to the ground.

Best tool and technique to use when pulling on a steep slope

Scenario #3: Angled Stem

Plants grow organically and may have obstructions or debris covering the base of the stem. When pulling an angled stem, make sure and get as close the base as you can and select a pulling angle that will maximize the leverage of your tool.

Technique when pulling an angled stem

Share Your Scenarios

Have you experienced other pulling scenarios and techniques that you’d like to share? Are there scenarios you are curious about that don’t appear here, but could be beneficial to better understand the use of the tool? For additional questions or to share your story, contact us or connect with us on social media through Facebook or Instagram.

For more videos, take a look at the Basic Operation page or visit Uprooter on YouTube.

Pulling technique on a steep slope

After removing Scotch broom from this steep slope, the color of the forest brightens