Upgrades from Weed Wrench Company Products

Our Uprooter and Weed Wrench products are the best on the market. Having worked for the Weed Wrench Company for several years, the owner of the Uprooter learned which features of the original Weed Wrench tool needed modification.

What makes our Uprooter and Weed Wrench products better?

It’s Lighter!

Perhaps the #1 suggestion made by customers of the Weed Wrench Company was to reduce the weight of the original Weed Wrench. The medium size tool, which most closely compares to our standard Uprooter and Weed Wrench, weighs in at 17.5 lbs. We made changes to the tubing sizes to reduce the weight as well as retain aesthetic appeal. These changes lightened the tool to 15.25 lbs making the trek to brush removal sites that much easier.

It Has Got the Grip!

The Weed Wrench Company tools used expanded metal mesh to cover the jaws of the tool. During a day of privet removal, soils can cake in the mesh, compromising the grip and making the jaws difficult to clean. Our Uprooter and Weed Wrench products’ 4-bar grip system secures a hold on the unwanted invasive for easy removal. No caking, easy cleaning! Now that’s a buckthorn puller!

Its Lock will Last!

Another modified feature of this fabulous brush puller is the placement of the locking mechanism. Occasionally, wear and tear on Weed Wrench Company products caused the mechanism to lose the ball which holds the jaws open. Our Uprooter and Weed Wrench ball and detent are set behind the guard on the sliding bar so there is no risk of losing the ball.

Its Internal Workings Work for You!

The pivot block and additional bracing design enhance the strength and durability of the base of our Uprooters and Weed Wrenches. By strengthening these two areas you can be assured this is a tree puller that will last.

It’s Easy to Pack!

The connecting bars on the Uprooter and Weed Wrench pivot so you can fold the bar forward making it easy to pack or ship.

If you remember the original Weed Wrench, buy our Uprooter and Weed Wrench products instead. You’ll be glad you did.