Operation and Safety


Please read these safety tips, operation instructions, & guarantee prior to operating the Uprooter. Suggestions for troubleshooting and handling varied conditions and situations can be found under here.

Safety Rules


  1.  Look and Know What’s Behind You—View the area behind you and make sure there are no sharp objects or dangerous changes in terrain. Prepare for the fall in the case a root breaks or an uneven jaw placement slips off.
  2. Watch Your Fingers—Keep your fingers out of the jaws as well as any moving or mechanical parts to avoid crushing and pinching fingers.
  3. Be Courteous of Others—Watch for others nearby when using or carrying the Uprooter. It’s best to carry the tool with the base behind you and the long lever arm in front.
  4.  Always Use:
  • Eye Protection
  • Gloves
  • Proper footwear

Basic Operation

Placing the Jaws

Open the jaws until you feel them lock open. Place the jaws around the stem and disengage the lock by putting your foot on the top of the lifting arm behind the jaw and pulling back on the grip handle. You may continue to stabilize the tool with your foot while clamping the jaws to ensure a solid fit.

Uprooting the Plant

Once the jaws are clamped on, pull down firmly on the lever arm. If the plant seems to be uprooting easily, just keep pulling. If it feels more difficult, pull and release repeatedly as though pumping on the lever arm. You may hear a “pop” sound underground indicating the tap root has snapped. Other tools may be used to loosen the surface soil if needed.

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Tool Operation, Safety and Guarantee