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91804092The Uprooter
Modeled after the Weed Wrench, Uprooter is the tool with improved strength and durability for removal of woody plants. This heavy duty tool uses the physics of a lever to give the user a mechanical advantage, improving their ability to grab and uproot any unwanted woody plants.

Uprooter’s patented design is constructed of A36 mild steel and is intended to be tough enough to handle a lifetime of work. Uprooter features a lighter weight (approx. 15.75 lbs) and a freestanding height of 52 inches. It also includes a feature that locks the jaws open for ease of placing them around a stem.

Mini website 72015Uprooter Mini

Uprooter Mini has the strength and durability of its larger counterpart, but is nearly half the weight and size. Great for wilderness projects and steep terrain, this light weight tool is easy to pack. As a member of your uprooting team, our reduced capacity tool (1.125″ jaw opening) will help conserve your energy on smaller plants and increase your endurance for large pulling projects. Easy to use for men, women, children, and individuals with limited mobility; everyone can participate in your restoration effort. Uprooter Mini does not include a jaw locking mechanism.


Uprooter Mini The Uprooter
Height 24 inches Height 52 inches
Weight 7.8 lb. Weight 15.75 lb.
Jaw Capacity 1.125 inches Jaw Capacity 2.25 inches