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All Uprooter and Weed Wrench products have jaws that close completely when the lever is fully engaged. All tools can be used on the smallest stems (approx. 1/8″ diameter). We recommend selecting products based on the maximum size stem for your project. Please refer to the specification chart and FAQs below for comparison.

Note: Uprooter and Weed Wrench have the same specifications and are functionally the same with only a difference of color and reflective label.

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Weed Wrench

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Weed Wrench is the tool that multiplies your strength against removing undesirable, woody plants. This heavy duty tool uses the physics of a lever to give the user a mechanical advantage, improving their ability to grip and extract any unwanted or invasive plants.

Weed Wrench's patented design is constructed of A36 mild steel and is intended to be tough enough to handle a lifetime of work. Precision machined jaws with 4 teeth (vs. wire mesh) increase gripping power. Weed Wrench weighs 15.25 lbs, is 52 inches tall, and can handle stems up to 2.25 inches in diameter. Its durable safety orange powder coat finish and reflective decal make it easy to spot in dense brush or low light situations.

Weed Wrench has long been used for commercial, municipal, public, and personal land management. It is often used to clear roadsides, parks, woodlands, pastures, meadows, and wetlands. Better access utilities, trails, waterways, and outbuildings when you uproot overgrown and unwanted plants with Weed Wrench.

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