Our Personal Effort

Beginning in 2015, we started the Riparian Restoration, an annual trip down the Wild & Scenic Rogue River focused on invasive plant removal. With the help of the BLM, we can identify areas along the wilderness section of the Rogue River that have become overwhelmed with invasive plants. With a primary focus on Scotch broom, our Uprooters are put to work helping to restore the riparian zone along the river’s edge.  We support the protection of our beautiful Rogue River and other rivers and plan to continue our efforts towards chemical free wilderness areas.

The Local Effort

Let’s Pull Together is a weed pulling event hosted in towns across the west coast from Alaska to California. We have joined the Josephine and Jackson County neighbors for this annual event to help protect some of our most special places from invasive plants. Hosted locally by our Josephine and Jackson County Cooperative Weed Management Areas, each year a new park or recreational site is selected for invasive plant removal. Learn more…

Contributing to a Growing National Effort

Weed Wrangle®, is a single-day, volunteer effort to help rescue our public parks and green spaces from invasive species through hands-on removal of especially harmful trees, vines and flowering plants. Supervised by an expert in invasive weed management, Weed Wrangle® volunteers will learn, practice, and begin a habit of maintaining an area free of invasive plants and encourage replanting with natives in removal areas. By engaging our neighbors and challenging them to take action in their own spaces, we hope to create a movement that will have the greatest impact on the invasive plant population.

Weed Wrangle® Grants Pass happens annually in March at Griffin Park in Josephine County. Along with our Weed Wrangle partners throughout the country, our hands-on effort educates and engages the public to identify problem species, remove them, and help to restore the native landscape. Join the effort!