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United States Patent #9468137
Manufactured & Assembled in Oregon

Professional Pulling Tool

If you need a tool that is capable of removing small trees and other unwanted, woody plants in seconds than you need an Uprooter – (Buy Now!)

This professional grade device can easily clear the land of woody plants without troublesome stumps left behind from cutting. Simply place the jaws of the Uprooter around the stem of the plant and pull the lever for easy removal.

Chemical Free Soils

Commonly used by nature conservation groups and land management agencies, this uprooting implement is essential in restoring native landscapes without the use of pesticides and heavy equipment.

Easily Clear & Manage:


Riparian Restoration 2016

  • Personal property
  • Roadsides
  • Parks
  • Woodlands
  • Pastures
  • Meadows
  • Wetlands

Better Access:

  • Utilities
  • Paths & Trails
  • Waterways
  • Outbuildings


Common Buckthorn




Scotch Broom

Uprooter Mini

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Uprooter Mini has the strength and durability of its larger counterpart, but is nearly half the weight and size. Precision machined jaws with 4 teeth maximize gripping power. It also does not include a jaw locking mechanism. Great for wilderness projects and steep terrain, this light weight tool is easy to pack. Looking to clear out your fall garden? Uprooter Mini has proven to be effective for pulling old stalks like that of tomato and pepper plants.

As a member of your uprooting team, our reduced capacity tool (1.125" jaw opening) will help conserve your energy on smaller plants and increase your endurance for large pulling projects, while also being a helpful garden and backyard maintenance tool. Uprooter Mini features a durable powder coat finish and a comfortable rubber grip handle. Easy to use for men, women, children, and individuals with limited mobility, everyone can participate in your clean up effort.

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Experienced Builder

Owner, Curtis Pearce, is the 2nd most experienced builder of the Weed Wrench which many land stewards are familiar with using. He has made thousands of Weed Wrenches and used his experience to develop Uprooter.  The owner of the Weed Wrench Company has ceased production, but supports Curtis’ continuation of manufacturing a USA made, professional strength pulling tool. Our company has also acquired the Weed Wrench trademark and now exclusively builds and sells Uprooter and Weed Wrench products.  Take a look at the products we offer!

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